Preparing for your photo shoot

Now that you've booked your session, what's next? Here's a short list of things for you to do in order to best help you prepare for your photoshoot.


Pintrest Board

Put together a selection of images in line with how you would like your photo shoot to progress, ranging from what poses you would like to capture to the way a photo is edited or lit. This will help our team ensure that we are able to capture images that you would like, but also helps us to determine if we need to outsource any additional resources.

Hair and Makeup

For many of our female clientele hiring a professional hair and makeup artist significantly helps with ensuring the "WOW" factor when the day of the photoshoot arrives.

Outfit Selection

Depending on the length of shooting time, a few wardrobe changes ensure a variety of final images during the selection process. We advise wearing clothing that you feel your best in, whether it's a worn and faded gym shirt or leggings that accentuate every hard earned curve. If the shoot is intended as a promotional drive for sponsored athletic wear, make sure to bring a variety of those articles.


Not every fitness photo shoot is located inside of a gym. If there is a certain look or style that you are wanting to showcase, having an idea in mind for the location of the shoot will ensure the ability to create quality images that stand out from the rest.


If there are every any questions or concerns that you have regarding the photo session, we want you to feel comfortable enough to reach out to us so that we can best serve you. We're here to give you the absolute best experience possible, but if we don't know your concerns we can't help you.

Stu Stubrud